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When you’ve watched too many movies about heart breaks, heart aches, marriage, parenting, cheating, you finally stop and stare in bewilderment at a movie that solely revolves around a first kiss. And NO! I’m not talking about ‘Never been kissed’.

‘Flipped’ is a story about Juli Baker in Bryce Loski’s story. Flipped is also a story about Bryce Loski in Juli Baker’s story. It started when 7yr old Juli met her new neighbor Bryce and instantly knew that he was the one who carried with him her first kiss. But it also began when 7yr old Bryce met his neighbor Juli and had an instant urge to run away from her. And hence began the story of Juli and Bryce and everything in between that first moment and their first kiss.


Winner of ‘Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award’, Flipped carries a childhood essence that we’ve all known and felt in a childhood that now seems so far away.  But when you watch Flipped it all comes back rushing down; those sheepish smiles, his deep eyes, the times your heart skipped a beat when his hand brushed against yours, his mere presence in the same room as you and how every minute spent with him seemed like a lifetime.

Flipped is not just a movie, it’s one of those rare magical journeys without a single dull moment. It made me forget how cynical I usually am. I could call it beautiful, cute and innocent but that would be an understatement. It was like a pot of hot chocolate on a cold winter night.

As you read this I’m sure you sense the warmth that still lingers on me from this movie. I guess I’m trying to convince you that when in life you’re at your brutish best and you’re surrounded by colors of black and grey you must watch Flipped cos every once in a while you find a movie that’s iridescent.

PS: I’ve been playing ‘let it be me’, a soundtrack from Flipped all throughout while I write this post so you are free to judge me cos I may be musically high.