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Live gigs are such an overwhelming experience. There is a whole new world out there I would love to hear Live. With that thought I have listed few of my most wished Live Gigs.

Artist: Ray LaMontagne
Genre: Folk rock


It all began one rainy evening when I discovered Elvis’ classic ‘Let it be me’. I youtubed it and came across a Ray LaMontagne cover. By midnight I had played this song so many times I could hear his voice in my sleep. Rays voice is like the cool winter wind against your face. It brings about a slight shiver and you instantly feel like holding someone in a tight embrace.
Favourite tracks: Let it be me, Hold you in my arms, Within You.


Artist: Florence And The Machine
Genre: Indie rock


I picked Florence’s cover of ‘girl with one eye’ from a random episode of an early season of 90210. But when I checked the rest of the album by Florence I was mesmerized. I fell in love with her instantly. Oh hell! I wanted to be her. Her voice is so powerful it will shake you up and leave you wanting more. With her quirky lyrics and goddess-like stage presence how can one resist falling in love with her! I do not hesitate one bit calling her my favourite female singer.
Favourite Tracks: (all..but I’m gonna pick a few here) Drumming song, girl with one eye, between two lungs, sweet nothing, dog days are over.


Artist: MGMT
Genre: Indietronica


I guess MGMT is most popular for their single ‘Kids’ but the rest of their songs have the same trippy feel about them. Five minutes of MGMT and you know this is how Woodstock felt. The more you listen to them the more you feel like your body is afloat amidst a swaying crowd.
PS: When one talk’s about MGMT one dare not miss mentioning Andrew VanWyngarden’s hair. It’s known to cause hairgasms.
Favourite Tracks: Congratulations, electric feel, time to pretend, kids.


Artist: Lindsey Stirling
Genre: Electronic


Lindsey is a violinist and combines most of her tunes with dubstep to produce tracks that are simply AWESOME. When the violin begins you wanna transform into a ballerina but then instantly when dubstep takes over you wanna get into this crazy ballet/dance routine frenzy. Then she takes you to a point where you want to keep spinning and spinning till there’s a sudden stop!and you redo it all over again. And I’ve not yet reached the best part. She has covered several popular songs adding her magic to them- Skyrim!, Assassins Creed! and Game of Thrones soundtracks! If that does not get you charged!!!then I don’t know what does!! Works on me..all the time.
Favourite Tracks: Crystallize, Electric Daisy Violin, Skyrim. (But every cover by her is unique and worth the youtube buffering)


Artist: Massive Attack
Genre: Trip hop


Massive Attack is that rare combination of acid trip meets erotica. Massive attack does to me what hallucinogens do to you. It makes you wanna throw your head back and makes your body sway like you’re under a tantric spell. You feel your head go cold while you lose control of all other senses; and all this while you’re mentally swimming in a bubble filled with colours. That’s the case most times. But it’s not just the music, the lyrics are trippy too. Wikipedia call them the progenitors of the trip hop genre. And I call them “my favourite artist”!!!
Favourite Tracks: Inertia creeps, paradise circus, teardrop, black milk. (ALL)